Raw Material Supply Scheme (RMSS)

The Yarn Supply Scheme (YSS) with partial modification and renamed as Raw Material Supply Scheme (RMSS) has been approved for implementation during period from 2021-22 to 2025-26 with following objective and components.

Objectives of the Scheme:

  1. To make available quality yarn & their blends to the  eligible Handloom weavers at subsidized rates. 
  2. To set the benchmark price and quality of yarn in the  open market so that price remains within reasonable  limits; consistent supply and quality parameters are  maintained in the market. 
  3. To overcome the poor dyeing facilities in the sector,  supply of dyed yarn by Implementing Agency(IA),  helping weaver in product diversification, and hence  marketability of produce. 
  4. To facilitate handloom weavers' engagement in the   sector, help competing with Mill Sector, as handloom  productivity is less compared to powerloom.

Components of RMSS:

Transport Subsidy Component:- Freight reimbursement for transportation of yarn (All types)

Price Subsidy Component:- 15% Price Subsidy on Yarn (through DBT to linked bank account) with quantitative restrictions. 15% price subsidy will be available on cotton hank yarn, domestic silk, woollen and linen yarn and blended yarn of natural fibres with quantity restrictions.